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  • Alibaba Sports Meeting

  • Hele Won the Dark Horse Award in the speech

  • Attending Mr Mark's sharing lecture

  • A special day

    Today is July 1, the first day of the second half of the year, the first day of July, the first day of the week, is also the first day of my work.For our company, today is a memorable day, two of our colleagues, one for three years, one for seven years, and July 1 is a special day!

  • Account change notice

    Because of the national foreign exchange policy,the HSBC bank account of LML (509-748596-838 and 509-748596-001) has been officially deactivated on June 30, 2019,and is indefinitely deactivated.Today LML would like to inform all clients:please do not remit any more money to this account, otherwise they will be returned.

  • Doug with us spend a weekend night

    12th May ,2019 was an ordinary Sunday,everyone is resting, but Helen and Sunny from LML are not,because an American client named Doug arrived in China today and will have dinner with them.

  • Dinner with Bernd

    Swiss customer Bernd who is a very kind man visited LML for the fourth time on 19thJune,2019.Though he is over 60 years old, he looks energetic.

  • Thailand tourism

    Today I would like to share a very good news with you:our sales team finally overfulfilled the annual target during the period of April 1, 2018-March 31, 2019.Our biggest boss rewarded us with a 7-day paid trip and input about $10000.Finally, we decided to go to Thailand and set the time at April 21- April 28.

  • Storyline about Customer Ilja

    Germany customer Ilja (Customer Number is TA004) is one of our long-term regular customers and he has cooperated with LML for more than 3 years.He is also the originator of aluminum key box.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    Hello,this are some of our recent customer reviews in September.

  • The Nation Day Is Approaching But LML  Is On The Service For You

    he National Day of New China refers specifically to the anniversary of the official establishment of the People's Republic of China.

  • Some Of Our Latest Products

    Some of our latest products, it looks super good.You deserve it

  • Both Your Business And Money Will Be In Safe

    We are very grateful to each customer for their long-term trust and support for LML. Our company has been rated as AAA at Alibaba Business Index.

  • 2020 Several Exciting News!

    2020 several exciting news!

  • Holidays Notice : Chinese New Year

    Holidays Notice : Chinese New Year

  • Supplement:Account change notice

    Because of the national foreign exchange policy,the HSBC bank account of LML (509-748596-838 and 509-748596-001) has been officially deactivated on June 30, 2019

  • LML Are Already At Work

    Thank you very much for your care and we appriate your concern. LML team and our families are all fine and health,we are already at work .

  • LML Can Provide You With Masks

    With a robust contingency plan in place we’d like to reassure our customers that it remains business as usual at LML.

  • Good Cooperation With Customer

    we’d like to reassure all our customers that it remains business as usual at LML.

  • Love My Life

    Today is the birthday of our colleague, all the company members celebrate her birthday.

  • A happy party

    Every event is very grateful for the

    support of the company's team building funds, and organize the event by yourself,

    there will not be too many restrictions, once again feel the warmth of LML and

    very humanized management, we in the big family are very proud!

  • Our Company And Team

    About us
    LML, meaning Love My Life, Love yourself, Love Life, the company is born for this.

  • Our Capacity

    LML implies Love My Life,with the love for life, LML members love customers, suppliers, partners, colleagues and our jobs more.

  • Happy Together

    After October 's busy schedule, this week we finally arranged the long-awaited team activity. The sunshine is just right, the scenery is just right, and the time of LML friends is just right.

  • New colleague join

    On November 23, after selection and careful selection, the LML Sales team finally joined another salesgirl-Yvonne (Congratulations to the Sales team for growing stronger)

  • LML colleague birthday party

    11.26 is Thanksgiving in the West, and it is also the birthday of the "big brother" in our LML family.

  • Good news

    We have received favorable feedback from our customers on our packing.

  • Happy winter solstice

    The winter solstice is as important as the New year

  • Commemoration of the first anniversary of joining the company and the first transaction

    Commemoration of the first anniversary of employment and the first transaction

  • Two Happy Things

    I love our LML family! Every colleague is great!